Workshops are offered on a variety of topics. They can be taken singly, or used as stepping stones for participants to create their own “survival gear” to test out on day hikes or survival treks.

Workshops are also offered to schools and community groups.
Friction Fire

Bow drill and hand drill are two ancient friction fire techniques, passed down from a time before the days of matches and lighters. Created out of materials at hand, carved with stone tools, this skill is what allowed our ancestors to in survive cold, wet climates, even thrive in them. Fire by friction is a universal human skill, used all over the world, in every culture and is, at base, part of what defines us as human. In this workshop you will carve your own bow drill kit, and with some tinder set about making flames the old way, with a coal created from materials of the forest, and your own effort.



As we move through the world, each of us creates tracks that can be followed. Learn to: track different animals, and recognize their unique footprints; see the signs of their passing; and determine when, and why, they came by. Learn to track, and gain a deeper understanding of the lives being lived next to ours.

Edible and Medicinal Plants


Learn to identify local plants and how to use them as food, medicine and tools.

Stalking and Movement


Increase your awareness  and ability to move through the woods unseen. Without disturbing the flow of life around you, you will see more wildlife and feel more comfortable moving through the forest.

Flute making


Learn to create and tune your own flute from natural materials

Survival bow


Learn the principals of bow making! In this class we will make “quickie” survival bows and arrows- and maybe even have some time left over for target practice.

Hide tanning


Hides were tanned all over the world, wherever people had to create their own clothing. Hunter/gatherers wasted nothing from the animals they killed. Meat was eaten, bones became tools, sinew transformed into thread and rope, and skins were made into clothing, footwear, houses and bags. These days, most hunters bury their hides, losing this invaluable part of the animal. The hides we will work in this class were donated by hunters who don’t want them wasted. We will team up to work on hides, allowing each person to take home a quarter, or half, of a skin. And, we will take the opportunity to create something beautiful from an animal that gave its life to feed, clothe and support the people.

We will discuss several different tanning methods, and how various parts of the animal can be used, but the majority of our time will be spent in groups, each working their hide.



Build a pattern to fit your feet and learn to make moccasins out of blankets or leather.



How to make tools without tools, and what to use them for.

Stone Age Slideshow


Watch a slideshow of the 4 seasons stone age project- four months of building our own camping gear, 1 month out on the land living with only the things we had made and gathered ourselves- take the opportunity to see the gear, and ask questions about living out on the land.

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