Courses for Youth

Welcome to our courses for youth!


July 7-10- Woodland Ninja, Ages 12- 18

Learn basic survival skills and get to know the forest through a series of strategic games and team building exercises, boosting your awareness of the both the land and the creatures on it. We will focus on navigation, stalking, awareness and camouflage – skills that teach you to move instinctively. Learn how to recognize landmarks and navigate without a map or compass. Stretch your senses to feel the incoming weather report and hear the birds commentary about nearby predators. And most of all: have fun meeting new challenges, overcoming obstacles and exploring the forest!

Location: Pacific Spirit Park at 33rd and Camosun

Time- 10-3

July 28-31 Survival Camp, Ages 12-18

Explore ‘the sacred four’ – shelter, water, fire and food. Learn how to: make a fire by rubbing sticks together (and build your own friction fire kit to take home with you!); find edible and medicinal plants; track animals; and find your way through the forest. Experience being able to meet your basic needs in the forest, and the sense of comfort and freedom that goes along with it. And most of all: have fun building a skill set you can take with you anywhere.

Location: Acadia Beach

Time: 10-3


Meeting once a month for four months we will continue to train and build skill and awareness in the natural world. This is an equally good opportunity for those who have completed a course to return and continue to work on old skills and learn new ones, as well as an opportunity for new folks to jump in and start exploring with us.

Location: Pacific Spirit Park

Time: 10-3

Dates: Sunday Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov 23


To register, or for more information contact us at: or call 778 552 2826


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