Core Programs

Core programs focus on a given topic, covered over a series of days.

Core programs include:


As we move through the world, each of us creates tracks that can be followed. Learn to track animals, tell different creatures footprints apart from each other, learn why this animal might be here, the signs of its passing, when it came by and gain a deeper understanding of the lives being lived next to ours.
We will also look at human footprints, trailing, sign tracking, landscape tracking and more!



In this class we will focus on ‘the sacred four’- namely, shelter, water, fire, food, and how to go about finding and making the the things that will help meet these needs in the forest- without modern tools. Experience being able to meet your basic needs in the forest, and the sense of comfort and freedom that goes along with it!



In this class we will focus on skills such as navigation, stalking, awareness and camouflage. Learning to move silently through the forest in an instinctive way allows you to sense past your own field of disturbance. Learn how to recognize landmarks and navigate without a map or compass. Stretch your senses in a way that allows you to feel the incoming weather report and hear the birds commentary about nearby predators.

Edible and Medicinal Plants


During this class we will take a look at some plants in the forest that can be used for food and medicine, along with some hands on processing of food plants and basic medicines.  


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