Workshops For Schools

School Workshops are designed for students to get an experiential opportunity with each of the following skills. Workshops are hands-on, with the students working in groups to re-create the use of an ancient technology. Workshops are for Grade 6 and up.

Stone age slide show: detailing a month long trip where we lived an entirely stone are lifestyle.

Stone Tools: Students learn the skills necessary to create stone tools and then break into groups to make a stone knife or saw.

Friction Fire: students learn the basics of carving and background information about fire before breaking into groups to try to create a friction fire.

Plant walk: Students learn how to recognize edible and medicinal plants, then we go for a walk to identify some of them.

Wayfinding: Tips, tricks and exercises based around how to find your way without a map or compass.

Hide tanning: Students learn about the process of tanning a deer hide from start to finish, take a look at buckskin garments, then have a chance work a hide in the process of being tanned.