Welcome to Laughing Crow!
Using the forest as our classroom and the wilderness as our guide, we teach earth-based living and survival skills: ancient ways of connecting to the land through gathering, tracking and primitive technology. We are passing along skills that create a sense of wonder and freedom in the woods, igniting the desire to take responsibility for its stewardship. Learning to find food and shelter, and to create fire and tools needed to survive, gives us the opportunity to connect deeply to the land, understand how it operates, and discover how we fit into its ecosystems.
We believe in learning by doing! We offer hands-on workshops and classes, as well as custom-made programs and presentations for schools and community groups.
Skills Offered Include
Fire by friction, stone and bone tools, cordage, tracking, tanning, felting, edible and medicinal plants, shelter, ecology, awareness stalking and movement, flute making and much more…
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To contact, sign up for courses, join our mailing list, or ask questions email: laughingcrow.wildernessskills@gmail.com

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