Calendar and Schedule

 Adult Classes:


We will focus on ‘the sacred four’ – shelter, water, fire and food – and how to go about finding these without or with minimal use of modern tools.

Two Sundays: Sept 21,Sept 28

Location: Pacific Spirit Park

Time 10-4

Cost: 150$, or 140 if you register before classes by September 7th.


During this class we will take a look at some plants in the forest that can be used for food and medicine, along with some hands on processing of food plants and basic medicines.

Sept 14

Location: Pacific Spirit Park

Time 10-2

Cost 50$


Dates: Sunday, Sept 7, Oct 5, Oct 19, Nov 2

Location: Acadia Beach

Time: 10-2

Cost: 200$ 190 for those who register before August 20th.


Family day

Come on out for a fun filled day in the forest- we will go exploring, play games and get to know some of the plants and animals living in the Pacific Northwest!

Aug 17th

Time 10-2

Cost: 30$

Also for Adults:

Survival TREK. 

Come join us for a 4 day wilderness adventure- this is where we get to put all the skills we are learning together as we transition from a modern day camp to a “survival camp”, building our shelters, creating our eating utensils, this is a hands on learning opportunity- all skill levels welcome.

Sept 18-21st

Location: Singing Lands Ranch, up near Kamloops

Cost: 650  or 600 if you register 1 month in advance

To register or for more information, contact us at or call 778 552 2826


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