On a Beach… With a rock…

One of the things that I love most about wilderness skills is the mindset they create. Putting time into these skills gives you not only a new skill set to work with, but a new way of looking at the land that constantly challenges both your creativity and ingenuity.

Rocks and sticks become tools as soon as you pick them up, leaf piles become shelters, plants become food, clothing, indicators of water… The more time spent out in the forest, the easier it becomes to read the landscape, and to interpret what you have read. The really fun part comes when you start to interact with it, to jump in to whatever place you happen to find yourself and figure out how to manage with the tools nearby.

So if you happen to find yourself, as I did today, on a beach with a rock, see what you can come up with…

Beach Tools

Beach Tools

Figure 4 Trap

Figure 4 Trap



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